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Ureteral Catheters Market provides information regarding the emerging opportunities in the Ureteral Catheters market & the market drivers, trends & upcoming technologies that will boost these growth trends. The Ureteral Catheters market report assesses the key regions & countries promising huge market share for the forecast period 2019-2023. Market data of top manufacturers/players like sales volume, Price (USD/unit), revenue (Million USD) is mentioned in this report. Furthermore, the report details out key market data in a segmented part comprising of Parts(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & many more) & Exhibits(Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2, Exhibit 3 & many more) making it easier to extract maximum market data.


With the growing focus on single-use catheters and self-catheterization, there is a rise in demand for ureteral catheters. The growing focus on single-use catheters has significantly contributed to the market. These catheters are important revenue generators in the global ureteral catheters market. Several single-use ureteral catheters are available in market at different prices. Some of the leading single-use ureteral catheters include the polyurethane ureteral catheter by C. R. Bard and UroMed PURgreen ureteral catheters by UroMed. Many regulatory bodies and governments are recommending the use of single-use devices. They are imposing strict guidelines to increase the adoption of such devices in hospitals and healthcare centers. Analysts have predicted that the ureteral catheters market will register a CAGR of more than 6% by 2023.

Key regions: APAC, EMEA, Americas

Research Objectives of Ureteral Catheters Market

  • To provide future perspective of the Ureteral Catheters Market size in various regions & its key performing countries.
  • To provide the information regarding the challenges & restraints faced by the new entrants of Ureteral Catheters Market along with the threat of substitutes & threats of rivalry
  • To study, track & analyze competitive developments such as joint ventures, strategic alliance, mergers, acquisitions & new product developments
  • To provide detailed analysis of the market structure along with forecast for 2019-2023 duration.
  • To provide the segmentation analysis based on application & geographical location
  • To study the factors affecting the Ureteral Catheters Market growth as well as the market drivers driving the Ureteral Catheters Market
  • To provide revenue forecast of the market segments & sub-segments w.r.t to three key regions APAC,EMEA & Americas
  • To study & predict the accurate market share, revenue & size during the period 2019-2023

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Leading Players of Ureteral Catheters Market Space:

  • BD
  • Boston Scientific
  • Cook Medical
  • Olympus
  • Teleflex
  • UroMed

    Market Overview

      Growing prevalence of urinary incontinenceThe increasing cases of urinary incontinence across the globe is expected to contribute to the growth of the global ureteral catheters market. The prevalence of urinary incontinence is high among elderly people who are aged above 60, and rise in geriatric population is also forecasted to boost the growth of the global ureteral catheters market.Alternative treatment options for urinary incontinenceThe treatment provided for urinary incontinence depends on the type of incontinence and non-surgical treatment is one of the alternative treatment options for urinary incontinence. Furthermore, various incontinence products such as absorbent products and handheld urinals are available in the market, which may hinder the growth of the global ureteral catheters market.For the detailed list of factors that will drive and challenge the growth of the ureteral catheters market during the 2019-2023 period, view our report.

      Competitive Landscape

        The market appears to be fragmented and with the presence of several companies including BD and Boston Scientific, the competitive environment is quite intense. Factors such as growing focus on single-use catheters and self-catheterization and the growing prevalence of urinary incontinence, will provide considerable growth opportunities to ureteral catheter manufacturers. BD, Boston Scientific, Cook Medical, Olympus, Teleflex, and UroMed are some of the major companies covered in this report.

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      Ureteral Catheters Market Pictorial Data Available In The Report: Part 01, Part 02, Part 03, Part 04, Part 05 and so on.

      Exhibit 01, Exhibit 02, Exhibit 03, Exhibit 04 and so on are available in the report for understanding the Ureteral Catheters Market completely.

      No. of Pages: 120

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      The next part of the report contains additional information like Ureteral Catheters Market executive summary, market sizing, market scope, research methodology adopted & vendor analysis for the forecast period 2019-2023. The report is analyzed thoroughly with respect to three points, viz. raw material and equipment suppliers, various manufacturing associated costs (material cost, labour cost, etc.) and the actual process.